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The Last Match
A cold evening, dark, snowing, the last one of the year even. And along that snow clad, dark, cold street was a little poor girl. A barefoot, cold girl, all alone. 
   When she left home she had slippers. Her mother's, big pink puffy things, way too big for her little feet, slowed her down. She lost them, ditched them behind when she had to move out the way of two incoming carriages speeding down the road. One was nowhere to be found, the other had been seized by a hideous looking man in a worse state than her and off he ran with it, no sympathy or remorse for the girl who asked for it back, who made pleading eye contact. So she carried on through the snow with little naked feet, donning blistered, bruised colours. 
   She carried a load of matches in her sweater pocket, useless against the forces of nature, with another bundle in her hand. No one had bought one from her, not a single penny. So she crept along with hunger pains, freezing. The flakes of sno
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The woods had been glossed over with a bright miraculous light on that crisp Summer afternoon. Flowers bloomed, the sky was a clear aqua blue, the green on the ground covered the land, peaceful wildlife roamed freely with their families whilst the hostiles slept in the caves and shadows, waiting for the sun to bugger off so they could go hunt those unfortunate enough to be under the ominous moon. It was like an enchanting fairytale woods, perfect, flawless, full of magic and wonder and mystical creatures...such as Gnomes: little mythical gremlins. A powerful, but not very threatening race. However, they had a nasty reputation with humans, those few that knew of their existence.
   Mabel knew this. She'd experienced it first hand: what they could do, what they were really like. Yet when she saw him sleeping on the fallen over, lightning struck tree trunk she still approached. What the race had done to her, tried to do, was unforgivable. A small part of her despised Jeff and hi
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He was suspended into the air by a regular rope in the forest on a crisp Summer afternoon with a slight breeze ruffling his hair about. It was nothing special which was unusual for Bill's tastes, not that any of that mattered because he was still being suspended in the air by a bloody rope and as Dipper squirmed for dear life, trying desperately to somehow miraculously free himself from the chafing, old material that rubbed against his skin as it got tighter and tighter and tighter, until only his neck and legs could move, Bill just floated there with his hands behind his back and one knee crossed over the other, lightly kicking away at the air as he watched the boy's pitiful struggle in such amusement. Then, finally, Dipper breathed out, exhausted; his face red with heat and sweat beading on his forehead. He was even panting lightly. Amazing how something so simple, like a rope, could be his downfall. He screamed out in frustration, squirming one last time with the little energy he ha
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"Well," Marco said, looking down at his helmet in his gauntleted hands from his position on the rooftop; wondering if he deserved it: this life, this job/occupation, this girl always by his side. He wondered if it was the right thing for him to be doing with his time and with his small existence in such a big world. So many opportunities he could do and wanted to do, but instead he was stuck with this life. Forever stuck in a repetitive cycle. "That happened." He added, looking up to see the giant monster they'd just killed lying dead over part of New York. Green postural blood was still pouring out of it's red body and drooling over the rubbled stumps of the rooftops that it'd crushed under it's massive frame and weight. He wished they could've dropped it in Time Square and maybe even dropped themselves in it, where there would've been no people to get hurt, but fate had other plans. A few trees weren't good enough for it's satisfactional craving needs for death.
  "Yeah," S
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Consequence of Nightmares
Pearl was awake in her bed. It was 2:00am and she was still reading the novel she'd found in the town's library: Love Bomb by Jenny Mclachlan (book 2 in the series) currently illuminated by the fancy globe-like bedside lamp. It was a new extension to the town (The Library) just as the human like rooms to the temple had been. Steven thought that they, for whatever reason, needed rooms like his own for sleep, rest and relaxation, but she rarely slept and found nothing wrong with her own room on it's own, but after losing an argument, and a hefty construction montage, here the extensions were. Truth be told, she did very much enjoy the big single bed that'd been supplied to her. It was comfy and a nice place to retreat into when you wanted to be alone or in her case it would be to read (thanks to Connie who got her hooked on books in the first place). She'd ploughed through dozens of books on this thing alone-most in a single night. She found she'd read more on it, under the blankets with
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What if you lost?
"DON'T TOUCH THAT! YOU CLOGS DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!" Peridot screamed with the whip tightly wrapped around her.
"You got this, Pearl." Said Amethyst, ignoring their new prisoner except by tightening the whip further.
"Alright ship." Pearl said, spinning around on the chair. "Turn us around." Then she dipped her fingers into the...stuff only to have her eyes go fuzzy. "Oooooooooooooooooh." She moaned, shaking. That was when Steven looked down at the camera feed and his eyes filled with shock and his smile dropped.
"Garnet." He said.
"What is it?" He heard Amethyst ask, struggling to fully restrain the squirming green worm under her.
"She's loosing." He breathed, turning around and running out the cockpit room and back to where the two were fighting.
"No, Steven!" Amethyst shouted, reaching for him, but missing and ending up falling off Peridot and landing flat on the floor which she frantically picked herself up from.
"Go after him!" Pearl shouted. Allowing him to get a black eye
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Go To Sleep
It is advised for the citizens of Gravity Falls to stay vigilant. The man is exceedingly dangerous and potentially hostile. He is wanted for over a dozen counts of murders and at least a hundred assaults all across the country, all in the past year. Please, if you see this ma-
Shandra didn't finish her broadcast outside the Jimenez's house (the victims) because Mabel turned the TV off. It was late at 10:00pm, it was dark, and she was tired and alone. She had full intentions of sleeping tonight without a horror story you'd tell at a campfire of a killer roaming the town to give her nightmares. She'd managed to turn off the TV before they showed a picture of his bleached white face and carved out smile, thank God. She'd had her fair share of the creepy and disturbing and even still did to this day, but she had never and didn't want to see a human's depiction of a monster and, in addition, thanks to little girl's interview just moments before, her description of this man was not on
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Don't Blink
Do. Not. Blink.
Three simple words that are really easier said than done or in this case it would be easier read than done. Dipper thought he could go a while without blinking, a long enough while to escape, but the darkness of the cave, the light from the candle beaming in his face and the pressure it put on him was beginning to become too much for his retinas. And there was no escape from this... Those cracked slabs of stone it could dare call eyes stared down at him with rage, it's wide open mouth with it's concrete fangs and clawed hands raised up on either side of it's head ready to rip his face off made him feel absolutely helpless. He'd back up, but he'd only meet the wall the deadend offered, but it didn't stop him from pathetically slowly walking backwards, clutching the candle with both hands as if his life depended on it-it kind of did-until his back struck the smooth, perfectly chiseled stone. He'd put about three feet between them so he allowed his eyes a quick rest for a
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Moth(man) to a flame
Mabel gasped as the little yellow creatures began to flutter around her with some even resting on her hands, shoulders or head. "Dipper, look!" She beamed. She looked to her brother to see him pondering. Her sudden happy face slowly dropped to a neutral one. "Dipper?" She asked as more of the things flooded in through the open window-because it was bleedin hot in the attic bedroom-as a group or big happy family; one after the other.
"Yeah?" He asked, looking to her. He seemed normal and unbothered that his sister was being gently swarmed.
"You okay?" She asked. He nodded before pondering once more. The new moth shaped night light behind them not only illuminated the attic bedroom, but brought in unwanted creatures such as the jaune moths that circulated Mabel. Dipper was wondering what else it'd bring and if it'd be harmless or not.
"Okay." She said before resuming her play with the bugs. She seemed to ignore a Waddles by the foot of her bed that looked like he was asleep, but had a je
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"Uh...Mabel." Said Candy, gentling shaking her to get her away from the table of food that she was stuffing her face with. Grenda had the exact same face as candy: taken back.
"Yeah?" She asked, her mouth full of food. She could see the expressions her two friends shared and saw Candy lightly pointing at something in the centre of the room, motioning her eyes to it that she looked towards. Lots of other people were staring at it as well. Mabel allowed food to drop out her mouth and splatter on the floor that a butler quickly cleaned up in an instant. She eventually donned the same face as everyone else when she fully saw it.
Clanking their jugs of punch together after finding each other had led to them slow dancing when that special music started playing... Now they were kissing, dead centre of the room. The other couples on the dance floor stared at them with mixed expressions, but none of them were negative or disgustive. Most of them were...happy towards the sight.
Pacifica's minion
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Without hesitation or even the slightest of second thoughts, she kissed him right on the lips with her eyes firmly closed. Marco blushed wildly and dropped the anonymous Valentine's card meant for Jackie-that thankfully had neither his or her name on it-but Star thought was for her (which it may have secretly been for all along as Marco had grown to like her a lot more than just a friend over the course of her staying with him) on the floor. His face was instantly and completely filled with a lush cherry red as he stared with wide eyes at Star whose mouth was almost now surgically attached to his own. He was slow to return her sudden gesture of affection, but eventually did as his eyes fluttered shut and he gently wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her closer in. The two embraced each other gently as the passionate moment dreaded on. The passionate moment that had made the two seem to forget that they were standing right outside the school; oblivious to the wild pack of fellow stu
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Star's bedroom was illuminated by the blue light of the portal. The Kingdom of Mewni could clearly be seen off in the distance waiting for it's new queen to come home. It was very early in the morning so it was probably just the two of them awake out of the whole town, the two with their tears welling up at the base of their eyes, the two who hadn't spoken a single word to each other since Star's dad had walked back through the portal, leaving the two alone.
"He" she paused to intake breath "he gave me five minutes so if you want to say something?" Star asked. Her tone of voice was weak. She didn't want to have this talk with Marco, but he'd walked in after hearing her crying to find her with her dad. He'd seen the open portal and it didn't take an idiot to realise what was going on. She had to go home now; and could never come back.
Marco didn't say anything. He just stared at the corner of the room, refusing to look at her, rubbing his arm with his hand. He always anticipated the day
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Night talks
"One thousand years." Dipper said, repeating what Luna had just said to him. He would've been fascinated by the subject of someone being on the moon for that long and would've begun chucking question after question at her until every fact was implanted into his brain, but it was clearly a very personal and unwanted subject to her. He wouldn't make her feel any worse than she already was, but his concern for her was off the charts.
"Yeah." Luna solemnly replied. Being reminded of the ridiculously long time alone up there was heavy hitting to her, but she had to talk to someone about this even with everything already building up inside her, nearing it's tipping point. She knew she couldn't keep up this good girl act for much longer.
"What was it like?" He asked. He didn't want to make this seem like a pop quiz to gain as much info as possible, but she'd already told him so much. He wanted to know just a little bit more, but the minusculest chance of her breaking and he'd zip his yap shut
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The Lonely Star
The blood soaked black fields under the even more crimson sky, without a sun or a moon to illuminate it, were all that was left of the once beautiful green and luscious scenery with it's flowers and animals and freshly trimmed grass. The forests towering trees were now nothing more than charred stilts hanging in the distance, some still burning (even parts of the field were burning), the sound of the ember chipping away at the wood (or the grass and other plants) was the only sound present other than faint and slow footsteps from a single figure that'd seemed to have survived the onslaught of swords clashing, arrows whizzing and magic bolting. And the kingdom: the castle; now a barren wasteland, littered with all sorts of bodies everywhere, friend and foe, young and old, human and not. Once it was a beacon of hope that people looked up too and relied upon for protection; that erected up into the sky standing tall and proud. Now it was just a desolate mess of crystal, glass, stone and t
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Look behind you! by Elemental-756 Look behind you! :iconelemental-756:Elemental-756 50 27 CMC by Elemental-756 CMC :iconelemental-756:Elemental-756 21 13
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Gather round the fire children old papa Louis is gonna tell you the story of elemental-756. He is a writer on deviantart who isn't dead and is very much still writing and even plans to submit a story over the next few days. He's also very much grateful for his fans and followers who've stuck around and put up with him. Thx ya'll ttyl
2 years...and I've done nothing for most of it. I want you to know how much you all mean to me. I hope to post something here again for ya'll soon. Thanks for existing.
I think I've finally done it! I think I've finally got a plot outline I'm happy with and have finally got a script I'm happy with! Here's to making a cartoon! Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
I'm gonna write again tomorrow. It's been too long.

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